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If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself…

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be And Why?

Last year, I watched a science fiction movie which was about a scientist who created a new human being whose skin could breathe under water when a bad guy drowned him in the ocean. This movie impressed me to have that kind of special skin. There are two advantages that are very important to me. If I could change one thing about myself, I would like to change the functions of my skin.

The first reason is that having special skin is an easy way to make money. Nowadays, for example, people are likely to see incredible TV shows. Most people are curious about unusual people whose bodies have special functions. First, if I could breathe underwater, I would perform in that kind of show to make money and become a rich person. If I were rich, I could do whatever I want. Do not forget: Money is power.

The most important reason for having this special skin is that I can survive underwater. In fact, I would not be afraid of being killed by downing in the ocean. Nowadays, many crimes happen. This kind of victim, who cannot breathe underwater, not only exists in movies, but also in the real world. If I were downed underwater, the function of my skin not only could keep my body warm but it would also help me to breathe underwater. I would have plenty of time to figure out what the situation was and calm myself down to escape danger.

All the above are advantages for having special skin, such as making more money and surviving underwater to escape danger. It is my dream to have special skin. If I could change the functions of my skin, my life would be more fun and safe.

Nov. 17, 2003

[Summary] A Smile Gone, But Where?




The story stated a columnist’s sensitive emotion toward to a woman whom he encountered every early morning on a street. The event took place between Columbus and Broadway, and it happened around September 2001. Due to walking on the street at an approximate time in the morning dimness, they knew each other but did not have a conversation. The woman was uncomfortable when she saw a stranger, the author, walked toward to her opposite side every time. Consequently, her eyes always kept straight in order to avoid the author’s eyes; nonetheless, he understood her feeling that he tried not to directly look at her but took a glance.

Day in, day out, they kept the unspoken consensus and said nothing. One day, they encountered in an unexpected place. As recognizing the author’s face, the woman had a little smile and her lip he saw seemed to apparently said hello. Then the author gave her a nod. After that, when they encountered on the street in the morning, they stared to greet by smiling and nodding as they passed each other. The situation was continuing month to month, but they still said nothing.

After the World Trade Center was attacked, the author found out he had not seen the woman for 10 days. It made him feel irritated. Then the author pondered some possible situation for the unusual disappeared woman, and he also sought the woman by looking carefully on the roads that she might pass through. Even though he tried standing on the street corner in the darkness and wait for her, she was not there.

Walking around the Grand Zero and seeing the scene of some debris, the author was worried whether or not the woman had become a victim on September 11. “She was not here in my morning,” he thought.

April 29, 03

[Summary] A Mother’s Journal



Ross was born with achondroplasia, a disease of skeletal disorder causing short limbs, when he was about 4 months old. His mother asked a doctor to help the poor child. Then Ross accepted particular therapy, breaking his bones of limbs for six pieces and using screws to separate those bones in order to form new bones. The therapy, which he needed to be operated in every couple of years, was quite successful. Consequently, his limbs were gradually growing but still short among his peers.

Ross was an extrovert, a mayor among those children in his neighborhood, making them laughing. He had no problem to play with them, who treated him friendly and changed the rules of games slightly. When Ross was 11 years old, his mother had to find a middle school, which offered extra service and more auxiliary equipment for disabled students, for him. During school life, Ross and his mother were struggling in unfriendly and inpatient teachers, who usually told Ross’s mother that Ross was lazy to do his assignment. Hence, Ross was often sitting in the teachers’ office as punishment. Those spoil words not only devastated Ross but also hurt his mother. That’s the reasons why Ross’s mother sometimes blew up at his teachers when she heard those rude words. In addition, His mother required Ross’s teachers to give extra time to Ross for finishing assignment, and also she demanded the school to make a particular accommodation for Ross since he was disability.

As a result of his operation in every other year, his education was intermittent so that he repeated the same degree in the second year. However, the schoolteachers, principal, lawyer and his mother were discussing the bitter issue that related the welfare of disabled students. Because of her mother’s effort, Ross had already transferred to another positive and nurturing middle school in lower Manhattan, which was near by their neighborhood and offered sufficient service and collaborative team teaching.

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April 13, 03

[Summary] Self-Protection or Delusion? The Many Varieties of Paranoid



Even though we believe people have been harassed and envied all the time, paranoid people are different because they do not have any doubtful their thinking might be wrong, insisting their unshakable belief.

In some cases, some of paranoid people believe they are the objects of persecution; some of them believe they are loved by powerful men or powerful women. Those above false belief are imaged by paranoid people. On the other hand, the most common cause of paranoid is schizophrenia, a mental illness; the syndrome includes delusion, hallucinations, and social withdrawal and apathy.

Contrary to the popular notion of schizophrenia is that people consider schizophrenia patients have nothing to do because of split and multiple personality. Nonetheless, their personality is the same as normal people, except thinking and perception. In addition, a striking question is that the syndrome of schizophrenia can be mimicked by misusing drugs and is easy to confuse with those of schizophrenia.

Moreover, according to a research of psychotic thinking, some schizophrenia patients react the so-called vivid image from their brains as if they really hear or see some people talk to them, having realities of description. Besides, as a result of increasing activities in the amygdala, a part of brain influencing emotion to feel fear and danger, schizophrenia patients not only respond threat words but also respond neutral words. In conclusion, if the result of making untrue images and enemies is made by paranoid people, the real enemies of them are their own brains.

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Apr. 9, 03

Foreign Travel

1657549354If you wanted me to reminisce which subject in high school was my favorite, I would tell you it was History. Having been listening to interesting lectures from History teacher, I learned a lot of knowledge, especially her experience of foreign travel. Those anecdotes she had told were about different countries’ culture and exciting adventure so that I enjoyed those lectures as if I had been venturing in that scene. There are three reasons why I think people should have at least one experience of foreign travel in their lives because of the advantages: opening the field of vision, getting a lot of experience, learning the country’s culture.

The first advantage is opening the field of vision. Take my sister for instance. Her major was graphic design. After graduating from school in Taiwan, she traveled to New York for three weeks. During the period of time, she visited most of museums in Manhattan and opened her field of vision. Now she is a remarkable designer in Taiwan.

The second advantage is getting a lot of experience. Last year I joined an adventure group to Africa. It was a wild world I had seen. We had to use survival skills in a dangerous jungle, gathering food and water, avoiding aggressive insects and animals attacking. After that, I knew how I could live in a jungle in a bad situation.

The third advantage is learning the country’s culture. One of wild news I had heard was that a foreign woman traveled alone to Arab. She wore some modern dresses, especially short skirt, and went into local temple. As a result of not knowing Arab religious culture, those residents though she offended their god. Then, the poor woman was killed by them. The true story exposed that we have to respect and know in advance some countries’ culture. Moreover, we could enjoyed it and feel safety in our travel.

In conclusion, those points I provided such as opening the field of vision, getting a lot of experience, learning the country’s culture are good advantages for people’s lives. In fact, I believe my answers are built on a firm foundation.

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Mar. 31, 03

[Summary] Lifetime Affliction Leads to a U.S. Bias Suit


As Ms. Robichaud was a child, she was facing discrimination from school children because of an odd birthmark, covering on her face. After graduating high school, Ms. Robichaud was working in one of McDonald’s restaurants. She tried all possible means to learn diligently, for she sought a management position. Nevertheless, she saw some colleagues who were hired after her were promoted to manager. Ms. Robichaud asked McDonald’s franchisee why not to promote her to leadership. She got a cruel rebuff because of how she looked. Ms. Robichaud departed the McDonald’s restaurant and accused the former employer’s discrimination. Now she is struggling in discriminatory battle since the disabilities act lawsuit is unusual. In fact, the commission officials thought she did not have any disabilities and was able work as well as people.

Reference article

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Patrick Witty for The New York Times
The federal government has accused a McDonald’s franchisee in Northport, Ala., of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by refusing to promote Samantha Robichaud to manager because of how she looks.

Mar. 30, 03

[Summary] As Bolivian Miners Die, Boys Are Left to Toil


The miners in Bolivia had very bad working environment. They mined silver mine in a mountain which name was called Rich Mountain, which named by Spanish. However, the mountain was also called Eats Men because not only adults but also boys were killed by it when they were mining in a deep and dank tunnel.

Most young miners, who started working as young as 10’s age, had to carry load on their bare backs and heave hundreds of pound of debris out to the tunnels, where had no rail, lighting or some helpful equipments. On the other hand, older miners, who got dying of lung disease, died at 40’s age. As a result, these people withered generation by generation.

Although those miners struggled with life condition, it did not mean employers were forcing children to work; contrarily, the fathers took their children to work. Those miners, whose habits of their life were chewing coca, drinking pure alcohol, abandoning school, got steady income, subsidized food, housing and health care. Sometimes they had to face employers laid them off.

In Latin America, using children labors was becoming more widespread. The particular problem in Bolivia, a poor and isolated country, was children did dangerous jobs in industry and mining. Although the age under 18 year-old was banned from dangerous jobs, those miners, having so poor situation, still had their children to work. Otherwise, those fathers could not afford sufficient food and clothes to their children.

Care was a person who was trying to help those young children. Nonetheless, the problem was not only in the mine but also in shoes shiners, cemetery workers, miners and assistants to bus drivers.

Before Bolivia was a rich country as London because of silver mine, but the Rich Mountain coursed a large amount of miners’ dying by collapsing tunnel. As a result, those poor miners were looking for good luck, and adorned godlike figures in every mine. Nevertheless, they did not change the fate of falling to illness and starvation, or simply overwork.

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Antonio Suarez for The New York Times
“At first when I came into the mine, I just cried,” says Grover Orcko, 16, shown making a hole for dynamite. “But I had to work.”

Mar. 24, 03