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紐約奧美的人事今天打電話給我!他們要組一個五人digital media team for IBM project! 我聽了之後很興奮!人事讓我聊了一下我的背景和工作歷史之後說,要把我的resume轉給那個部門,如果我在星期三還沒收到她的答覆,我再寫信提醒她,她去跟那部門follow up。

然後我看到我的網站暴增瀏覽次數110次從同一個地點上來,剛剛3:30pm收到HR的來電,跟我約星期三下午1pm去跟team裡的三個人interview!!Awesome! 我很興奮的情緒也感染給HR!

幹!真是太棒了!我從米其林輪胎,Jameson Whisky,alli,如果有機會做IBM的作品!靠!我的作品集網站實在是蓬蓽生輝啊!哇哈哈!

Monday, April 11, 2011
11:48am @home 2060

Rocco (Part 2)

Two days ago I received his email that he saw my hourly rate was $65 per hour but his company was willingly to commit $1000 per project basic.  I was surprised that they changed their mind. They were going to pay by project basic instead of hiring a long-term contractor. And before that, when they contacted to me about this position, it was a full-time web developer position. Now the pattern looks like from full-time web developer to short-term contractor to project-basic. Rocco attached the new web design layout in a PDF format with this email. After carefully reading the PDF and estimating the production time, I found out the $1000 compensation was not worth for long production hours. I called Rocco at the same day in the evening and told him that I would go to his office to talk with him and his creative designer to clarify some questions.

I went to his office yesterday at 10am. I asked Rocco which CMS software created the current platform and asked the creative designer how the sideshow will rotate.  Rocco and his team were not really sure what the CMS software for their platform is. I told him to ask the original website development company.  I checked a bit the remote  files and source codes and found out the control panel is simple, not powerful, and not easy management.  I guess I knew his company’s concern. If they hire me as a full-time position and after I finish the website, they might think I have no use for them. I brought up this topic and told Rocco that I have so many skills for web design/development, graphic design, video editing, Flash animation, and photography.  I told him after I finish this website, I can assist the creative designer to produce brochures and posters. If they want me to do photo shoot, I have no problem to build a photo studio and photo shoot it. On their website, they have video clips for interviewed famous fashion designers.  I told Rocco I can do video recording, editing, and publish it on the website.  One of their competitor’s websites uses animation as its website introduction. I told Rocco I can do it too.  I emphasized again that this web developer position should be a full-time position so if I have any question, I can always ask the creative designer about how the function of the navigation goes.

Rocco agreed with me and told me that originally they wanted to hire a full-time position. He told me that he will try to get me introduced to his CEO, the company owner in a formal way regarding the full-time position.  He told me the CEO’s schedule is really tight in this week. The earlier possible meeting date will be next week, but Rocco will contact to me as soon as possible.

Friday, October 22nd, 2010
11:01am @home

Rocco (Part 1)

I was having a job interview with him on last Friday. On this Monday late afternoon, I received his email that he wanted me to get a chance to call him yesterday because he knew I was working all day yesterday. I called him at noon and he asked me to come to work as a part-time web developer first on Thursdays and Fridays. He wanted to see my capability and how I work well with his team. I asked him how I get paid (1099 or W2). He said 1099 first and asked me to submit my hourly rate or daily rate for approval. I gave him my hourly rate which is double than my current job. This position is temp to perm. I hope I can get the permanent position soon in the future. It’s really my dream job that use all my skills set to manage a site. Also, my job is to team up and tell the them what should go for the first.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
7:56am @home 2060

Macy’s Phone Interview & DMV

I finished the phone interview with Macy’s recruiter at noon. She asked me non-technical interview questions and my expectation of salary range. After that, she said she will report to her director and will run a background check on me. And they will contact to me later. I don’t know if they are going to contact to me or not. Anyway, I will keep updating my portfolio website and sending out my resume.

I biked to the local DMV for changing my driver license but got rejected. The lady told me I need to change it after 6 months from the issue date, so she suggested me to come back after Sept 17th. I was very disappointed that I wasted a lot of time waiting on line.

Then I biked to my old place to get my mail and biked back to my apt. I was so tired…. haha.. I had biked a big triangle route in the downtown Brooklyn.  The weather is very nice outside. I have done enough work out for today.

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
5:17pm @home 2060