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Protected: 2013-2014 Career Goal

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In Desperate Need of Help

After I analyzed the problem of Pi##@ To@d@y’s interface design last week, they decided to have my department to access their back-end system to do some adjustments of the interface design. My supervisor forward me the admin id and password that they created for us. I used that information to log in the system but see nothing in the folders. I started feeling hilarious because they were in desperate need of help but provided the log in info that I don’t have the right to see the information in the folders.  😛

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
6:45am @home 2060

Super Good Luck x4

1. Got the best deal of the apt.
2. Got a freelance high-paid job from the G@te where I used to freelance for 4 days. The director asked me if I can work for them long-term with my spare time (evening time and weekends) and he allowed me to work off-site!! Social networking and good work performance are always the way to build the reputation.
3. My supervisor replied me “Looks GREAT so far” for the index page of my web CSS layout!
4. Got an expensive video leraning resources of all software for accidentally FREE!!

Friday, June 24, 2011
8:29pm @Starbucks, Brighten Beach

sslvpn -> dev server

I asked A if I could access dev sever from home so that I could practice WordPress at home. I brought my laptop to the office and A helped me to set everything up. This weekend will be busy weekend for me. Got so many things to do in the past weeks. I feel I am an energetic robot.

Thursday, June 23, 2011
10:51pm @home 2060

VP DB from HHA

This morning when I woke up, I checked my email first and was surprised to find out DB has added me to his Linkedin, a professional networking website. In the beginning, working with DB in my former company was not easy to all of us. He was so demanded and so arrogant. He changed his mind like women change clothes hourly. Sometimes we did his project all day long and were not able to spend time on other projects. My former boss was upset about it.

When he first time saw me as the only Asian in that company, he tried to challenge me few times but he never get me down. I backup all my email conversation and files when I sent out to India team. The most important was that I was the one who built his entire website from scratch with a very complicated and dynamic way. I started gaining the respect from him because I was the only person who could do the level of technology he requested, especially the Flash animation. The CSS for that website is also complicated. Why? …because our graphic designer created too many round conners on the web pages. In order to position those stupid and unnecessary round conners, I had written a lot of CSS for them.

The website was built in a “stupid” way because my former boss didn’t listen to my warning. In the beginning, the website was built in a PHP format for Linux web server. After I finished building the site and sent it to DB’s India team to integrate the back-end function. The India team told DB the website didn’t work in the Windows web sever. What the Fuck! We all knew DB and the Indian didn’t mention what type of web sever they use. We were so upset the time we had invested on this project. They told us there were two solutions to make the website to work fine in the Windows sever. One way was to convert the whole website to HTML; the other was to convert it to ASP. As we know, ASP is similar language to PHP but in different web servers. ASP works in the Windows server; PHP works in the Linux server. Websites hosted in the Linux sever is more faster than the ones hosted in the Windows server. We never expected DB hosted his website in the Windows sever and he didn’t want his website to host under our company’s server. I knew it was not only saving money but also getting full access of his website.

In order to save short-term production cost, my former boss told me to convert the whole web pages to HTML. It was seriously rejected by me. I told her it would be a big mistake to build a website with only HTML which was not easy to maintain in the future. Especially, when the company wanted to expand their website to add several pages, that would be a painful process and time consuming to us. In that case, my former boss would end up spending more money on staff’s hours in the future. That would be more expensive. I told her if we bought a PC with few hundreds bucks, I was able to use that system to create an ASP website. We would save future production cost and quickly turn around to update the information the client needed. However, Jew is Jew. My former boss didn’t want to spend money on a PC. She preferred converting the PHP website to HTML website. It seemed to save her short-term production cost and meet her client’s need. She ignored my warning.

With the benefits of using ASP, for example, I only needed to do one time update for the menu items. If the website was built by only HTML, I had to update the menu items for 15 times if there were 15 web pages. That was really tedious and time-consuming job.

After leaving my former company for about 3 moths, I regularly check back most of websites I had built. I rarely see they add/update new information on all the websites. Some websites didn’t update latest calendars. I was the only one knew how to create fancying Flash banners that include HHA website. No new Flash banner ads were added at all. As I said in the past, “When it is cheap, it will cost more.” And “You only get what you pay for.”

Now you know why I was writing this article. DB might ask my former company if they could create something that I used to create for the HHA’s website. My former co-workers and bosses might say I was the one who has the ability to create what he needs. I assume that’s the reason drawn he to connect my Linkedin’s profile. Just in case if his website gets wrong, I will be the first person who is able to fix the web layout and cross browsers’ issue.

In the Linkedin email, DB wrote to me “Hi Lin. Hope your new job is treating you well. HHA eXchange continues to grow. Let’s stay in touch!” Why keep in touch? His business continues to grow which means his website is going to expand. See!

Monday, June 20, 2011
11:21pm @home 2060