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[Critique] Jackson Pollock’s “Autumn Rhythm”

Actually, I do not like “Autumn Rhythm”. I do not call it art but great patterns. Although I understand what it means by knowing the title of the painting in advance, I do not like it.

To my understanding of this painting, the elements of the painting, such as the size of the drips, the colour, and the lines, are full of metaphors. Drips symbolize light and strong rhythms; lines symbolize the connection between drips, which are rhythms; and the light-browned color metaphors leaves of autumn. All the above elements, combining together, are like a symphony. The range upon range of layers and color make the painting full of interesting. Nevertheless, I still do not like the painting.

Why should the title inspire my understanding and imagination? If we take out the title of the painting, do you still feel it is like “Autumn Rhythm”? Tell me what do you see and feel if it did not have a title?

To be honest, when I saw this painting first time, I did not feel it was like autumn rhythm but made me anxious. The lines I thought are like nervous system; the white drips I thought are like gray matter. All the others combining together are kind of the dancing of gray matter. If I were Jackson Pollock and named this painting as “The Subconscious Activity OF A Schizoid’s Brain”, would you guys really start to try to imagine the connection between the title and the painting itself? Actually, most of people’ feelings and imagination are easily led by a title of an abstract painting but not trust what you really feel. What the title was named by an abstract artist is, what people start to image and connect with the title and the painting! Why don’t you guys believe what you really see and what you really feel at the moment?! Why do you rely on what people tell you? Why is that Jackson Pollock is considered one of the top abstract artists in 20th century, and you guys all believe his works are wonderful!? Don’t be persuaded easily!

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Feb. 15, 2004