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Week of 3/7-3/13/2011

Goal 1: Convert my portfolio website to HTML5 (asked me for my website)
Goal 2: Attend the Cocos2D meetup and worked on my first game for iPhone
Goal 3: Changed saving money and understanding NYC house market it to studying ActionScript 3.0

Goal 1:

I started working on Videos & Sounds > emusic this week. I am still searching for the JQuery Lightbox Plugins with description. This time I need to use ogg format for the video.

Goal 2:

I went to Coco2D meetup this week. I didn’t spend time on programming there just did some research on the ways to submit my app to Apple store. Having attended the Cocos2D two times, I feel it’s not a good place to concentrate on programming but a good place to meet people and discuss programming problem. John, the leader of the Cocos2D, made me a title “Level 100 Warlock” on the member profile. That was funny. In the following 2 weeks, I am not going to attend the Cocos2D because John will be away for 2 weeks. I don’t want to spend my time hanging out there but not be productive.

Goal 3:

I made a phone call to a Chinese agent and told him what/where I want. He said he would do researching, but I haven’t heard back from him. Anyway, I am going to change the 3rd goal to “Study ActionScript 3” which is work related study and that will effect my 2-month-evaluation period.

The tech lead lent me ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook. I am also studying the online courses in I have gained fundamental knowledge and some tutorial practices.


Sunday, March 13, 2011
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Week of 2/28 – 3/6/2011

Goal 1: Convert my portfolio website to HTML5 (asked me for my website)

Goal 2: Attend the Cocos2D meetup and worked on my first game for iPhone

Goal 3: Saved money $900 per week ($3600 per month) and checked NYC house market


Goal 1:

I only worked on Home > About Me, Resume this week. Next week I will start working 40 hours a week and I am worried that I don’t have enough time to finish my portfolio website within 3 months. Reeves said I might work on one goal instead of 3 goals. I told him the 3 goals are very important to me. I think I am going to report the amount of web pages I have completed per week. I am not going to set a deadline for goal 1. Beside my daytime job, I will also work on my favorite freelance job for my mobile media client at home.


Goal 2:

In this game, I have learned the difference of sounds format for iPhone and known how to output .aac to .caf by Terminal. I recorded dog’s barking by Pro Tools and used it as a weapon that can shoot moving-black-cats. I will upload it to Apple store this week first because my developer membership will be end in the end of April. Also, I have heard that Apple usually takes long time to review new applications. While my app is reviewed by Apple store, I can refine and improve my game with special effects and animation.  I wanted to add an energy bar for the dog. When the energy bar is full, the dog is able to use special weapons, such as lightning, to destroy a bunch of crazy moving cats. I may add animation for the dog and cats.


Goal 3:

I saw a 4-bedroom-condo nearby my apartment and was curious about the price. The agent told me it costs about $900k. I am not interested in that big space. I asked the agent for the price of 1-bedroom-apartment. The agent asked me the range of my budget but I couldn’t answer. Then that agent didn’t call me back after hanging on my phone. My friend is also interested in NYC house market. We decided to use a Chinese agent to find a condo or co-op for us.  Saving money and investment are important for my goal 3.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

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3- Month-Short-Term Goals 2‭/‬28‭ – ‬5‭/‬22‭/‬2011

Goal 1:

Covert my portfolio website to HTML5 – In my portfolio, the total categories and pages are as follows:


Home – About Me, Resume, Contact

Video & Sounds – Animation, Electronic Music

Design – Web Design, Graphic Design, Apparels, Production, Flash Banner Ads

Interaction – Interface Design, Interaction Design, iPhone Apps. Dev., PhysComp

Publication – Book Illustration

Painting – Illustration, Watercolor, Sketch, Painting

Miscellaneous – Sculpture, Photography


How to:

a. First, I want to re-structure my pages' layout to relative position instead of absolute position. The may take about 2 weeks to finish all the pages.

b. Second, I want to use JQuery Lightbox plugin to display my images.

c. Third, the thumbnails of scrolling images are built by Flash. I need to use JQuery or other HTML5 technic to display thumbnails that can be viewed by mobile device.

d. Using HTML5 tags and pass the validation


Time Logs:

a. Mon., Wed., 7pm-10pm

b. Thurs., 7pm-10pm



Goal 2:

Professional Networking/iPhone Game Dev. – I will attend Cocos2D (game development for iPhone) every Tuesday night. The progress of my game development will be updated on my blog weekly. My first game will be published to Apple store in the end of April.


How to:

Report my result by texts or videos for game development.


Time Logs:

a. Tue., 7pm-9:30pm – Cocos2D

b. Fri., 7pm-10:00pm (or longer) – iPhone game development


Goal 3:

NYC House Market


How to:

My friend and I will choose one of days between Thursday to Sunday to see open houses in NYC area. We will find a Chinese agent to help us as well. I will update what I discover about the NYC house market in my blog.


Time Logs:

Either day from Thursdays to Sundays. 



First Month

Inspection date


Professional Networking/iPhone Game Dev.

NYC House Market


Research for Lightbox plugin template,

Progress update by texts or videos













Second Month

Inspection date


Professional Networking/iPhone Game Dev.

NYC House Market



Progress update by texts or videos













Third Month

Inspection date


Professional Networking/iPhone Game Dev.

NYC House Market



Publish my app to Apple store




Refine and improve my app.










Team of 3-month-short-term goals

Hi Reeves, Masaki, and Richard,

Please hit Reply All to us with your

1. Blog URL
2. Skype ID

On Sunday, please post your 3 goals on your blog and list
a. What you want to present weekly result by specific numbers, pictures, or videos?
b. What’s your methods that you can make your weekly result happen?
Take lose weight for example, how many hours on which days you are going to work out
with what type of sport/excise?

You need to post your weekly report every Sunday morning so your team members can see your progress. You can post your result on your blog on Saturday evening if you think you can’t make it on Sunday morning.

We are going to have a Skype online meeting on every Sunday morning at 10am. Does the time work for you guys? If not, please let me earlier.

I would like to keep the meeting short and efficient. Everyone has 10 minutes to share/report his/her progress, problem, and support team can give suggestions. Don’t talk about other topics that don’t relate to your goals. When the 10 minutes run out, it turns to next person’s presentation.

Our first meeting on Sunday, March 6th at 10am.

Lin 10:00am – 10:10am
Reeves 10:10am – 10:20am
Masaki 10:20am – 10:30am
Richard 10:30am – 10:40am

If you can’t join the Skype meeting, please send a group email to notice team members. Be on time to respect other team members’ time.

We don’t compete each other with our 3-month-short-term goals. We are our worse enemy. We compete to ourselves. Let’s plan very detailed weekly schedule and follow it and make goals happen in the end. We don’t want to hear our excuse.

Attached is the sample schedule of my past 3-month-short-term-goals that shows how I planed it. If you don’t know how to plan a detailed schedule, you can follow my guide.

The link below was the weekly progress of my 3-month-short-term-goals. You can see how I presented the results by numbers, pictures, and video. I didn’t only “talk”. I showed the proof of my progress.

Category of 3-month-short-term-goals: designs&category_id=13382827
Detailed plan with a picture before I started working on my goals designs/12180090
The 12th week of my goals’ presentation: designs/12228055

We want to see the proof (numbers, pictures, videos…) of progress. No talk….